Events 2018(3rd to 5th)

Feb 2018 22-2-18 Thursday HAVAN to invoke the blessings of Maa Saraswati III to V
March 18 1-3-18 Thursday Holi celebration theme highlight & dance,skit by 5thA ,,
,, 28-3-18 Wednesday Science day celebration by VB, speech & activities ,,
April 18 13-4-18 Friday Baisakhi, Dr. Ambedakar Jayanti & HimachalDay celebration by 4th  A
,, 21-4-18 Saturday  Calligraphy competition Inter &  Intrasection(3+3) ,,
,, 28-4-18 Saturday Collage making activity(Intra class) III-V
May 18 1-5-18 Tuesday Thematic assembly on labour day by4th  B ,,
,,  05-5-1812-5-18 Saturday, Saturday Poetry recitation (English)One day trip to fun city or_______________ 3rd to 10th and 12th
,, 26-5-18 Tuesday Poetry recitation(Hindi) III-V
June 18 5-6-18 Tuesday Thematic assembly on environment day by 3rd A
July 18 07-7-18 Saturday Quiz competition(Inter class)
21-7-18 Saturday Skit competition(Inter class)
28-7-18 Saturday Reading activity
Aug 18 04-08-18 Saturday Van Mahotsav Declamation competition (Hindi and English)
11-08-18 Saturday Cooking without fire
15-8-18 Wednesday Independence day celebration.class +1 activity
25-8-18 Saturday Rakhi Making
Sept 18 01-09-18 Saturday Thematic assembly on Janamashtami by 3rd B
14-09-18 Friday Hindi day celebration thematic assembly 5th A
22-09-18 Saturday 2night and 3days trip adventure activities III to X and XII
Oct 18 06-10-18 Saturday Library relevance celebration,book fair, shloka presentations,book page designing, book review writing and book marks etc. III to XII
20-10-18 Saturday Annual Function
Nov 18 14-11-18 Wednesday Children’s  day celebration Whole School III-V
22-11-18 Thursday Thematic assembly to mark the birthday of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji 5th A