Events 2018(6th to 12th)

Feb.2018 22-2-18 Thursday OPENING SESSION HAWAN for the Invocation of goddess Saraswati
28-2-18 Wednesday “Science has improved quality of our lives,” discussion & speeches in the respective. Basses to mark Science day.
March 18 01-3-18 Thursday Thematic Assembly on Holi-6th A
 08-3-18 Thursday Salad making competition for staff (fruits & raw veggies) from (2 p.m to 3:30pm) to mark Womans day
19-3-18 Monday Thematic Assembly(Importance and relevance of Chaitra Shukal  Navratri by 7th A and 9th A
22-3-18 Thursday Slogan Writing (class activity) World Water day followed by Exhibition of the same to sensitize children about the importance of saving/conserving WATER.
24-3-18 Saturday English Declamation & Debate Competition.
28-3-18 Wednesday Thematic assembly on Mahavir Jayanti & Good Friday (6th B )
31-3-18 Saturday Basket ball final match(26-3-18 of 2Houses) & (27-3-18 of next 2 Houses).
April 18 7- 4 -18 Saturday Investiture Ceremony(School formal function)(World Health day — CROSS COUNTRY BY BOARDERS TO MARK HEALTHY LIFE STYLE)
April 18 7-4-18 Saturday Sprouts / Cereal Chaat will be I brought in the tiffin by the children to spread the message of healthy eating.
17-4-18 Tuesday Thematic assembly to mark ‘Parshuram Jayanti,”Akshay Taritya’ & World Heritage Day —by 7th B
21 -4-18 Saturday Poster making to celebrate ‘World Earth Day.‘ Pledge in the morning assembly To conserve & protect Earth from environmental pollution. Class activity
27-4-18 Friday Final T.T matches starting from ‘ 10-4 -2018 between 2 Houses
28-4-18 Saturday Inter-House Hindi Drama
May 18″ 1-5-18 Tuesday Thematic assembly on labour Day by—8th  A
5-5-18 Saturday Chess/Carrom/Vollyball matches.
12-5-18 Saturday One day trip to fun- city or _______ 3rd  to 10th & 12th
26-5-18 Saturday Bharat Kojano (Heritage Quiz)
31-5-18 Thursday Thematic Assembly on Anti — Tobacco day by 8th B
June 18 5-6-18 Tuesday Thematic Assembly on Environment Day by 9th A
July 18 7-7-18 Saturday Dance Competition
21-7-18 Saturday Football Match final (among two houses)
August 18 4-8-18 Saturday Van Mahotsav (General Quiz)
11-8-18 Saturday Kabbadi matches Inter class/ Inter-House
13-8-18 Monday Teej celebration (staff activity) UNITED NATION PEACE
August 18 15-8-18 Wednesday Independence Day celebration by class +1 (activity for school)  
Sept. 18 1-9-18 Saturday Thematic Assembly Janamashtmi by 9th B
14-9-18 Friday Hindi Day Celebration thematic assembly by +2 Arts Hindi Declamation/ Debate
22-9-18 to


Saturday to Saturday Compulsory long trip for class +1 and 2 nights & 3 days trip for adventure activities for 3rd to 10th &  12th Long trip (Visit to Shirdi, Ajanta Alora, Nasik, Pune(Imagica) Visit to Chail
Oct.18 6-10-18 Saturday Library relevance celebration, Book-Fair, Shaloka presentations, book-page designing, book review writing, book mark etc.
20-10-18 Saturday Annual Function- 2018
Nov.18 14-11-18 Wednesday Children Day Celebration
22-11-18 Thursday Thematic assembly to mark the birthday of Shri Guru Nanak Dev
Dec.18 24-12-18 Monday Farewell
Dec.18 25-12-18 Tuesday Christmas day & departing celebration