Events 2018(Pre-Nur to II)

Feb 2018 22-2-18 Thursday Hawan Pre-Nur.-II
Celebration March,2018 01-03-18 Friday Holi Celebration Pre-Nur.-II
16-03-18 Friday Welcome Vaccination Pre-Nur.-II
28-03-18 Wednesday Welcome Vaccination Pre-Nur.-II
April 13-04-18 Friday Baisakhi and Himachal Day celebration in a pre-Nur to KG colourful way Pre-Nur to KG
20-04-18 Friday (Nature Walk) knowing 5 elements Pre Nur-I
Competitions May 2018 01-5-18 Tuesday Calligraphy(developing love for language through writing) KG to II
09-05-18 Wednesday Colouring vegetables & Fruits(knowing their benefits) Pre-Nur to KG
11-05-18 Friday Mother’s Day Celebration I & II
18-05-18 Friday Alphabet and Number finding competition Nursery
21-05-18 Monday Writing 2-3 lettered compound words & time competition KG-II
28-05-18 Monday Rhymes Pre-Nur & Nur
29-05-18 Tuesday Story telling competition KG
30-05-18 Wednesday Story telling competition I to II
Activities June 2018 05-6-18 Tuesday Environment Day celebrations Pre-Nur to II
11-6-18 Monday Splash pool Activity Pre-Nur to II
15-06-18 Friday Father’s Day Activity Pre-Nur to II
04-07-18 Wednesday Visit to places of worship Pre-Nur & Nur
July 2018

Crafts(paper&fabric printing)Academic


05-07-18 Thursday Visit to the bus-stand & the Railway station KG
06-07-18 Friday Visit to post office & Police station I & II
18-07-18 Wednesday Hand printing, thumb printing & vegetable & fruits printing Pre-Nur to KG
19-07-18 Thursday Origami activity I & II
30-07-18 Monday Extempore Activity KG to II
31-07-18 Tuesday Reading Activity Nursery
Healthy Life Activity August 10-08-18 Friday Fruits chat making(importance & use of fruits ) Pre-Nur & Nur
13-08-18 Monday Sandwich making K.G
14-08-18 Tuesday Salad making 1st& 2nd
15-08-18 Wednesday Independence Day Celebration Pre-Nur to 2nd
24-08-18 Friday Raksha Bandan celebration (class talk, importance of the day activity ) Pre-Nur to 2nd
Competitions Sept. 12-09-18 Tuesday Solo dance competition Pre-Nur&Nur
26-09-18 Wednesday Solo dance competition K.G
27-09-18 Thursday Solo dance competition I
28-09-18 Friday Solo dance competition II
Annual DayOctober Preparation for annual function 20/21st Oct‘ 2018
Children dayNov. (Children’s day celebration) Clay modelling Pre.Nur to II