The Perspective

Gurukul International has become an Ideal Institution in itself that offers sophisticated ability driven education with professional expertise, essential to meet the growing needs of preparing the citizens of tomorrow.

The academic session 2017-18 had been emotional, thoughtful ,inspiring, caring, student focused, smart & fulfilling.

When the roller coaster ride of the current session gets anyone of us down for a moment, we hold to recall the hopes & dreams of the session just gone by .

Our responsibility is to figure out which strategy will work best for achieving a distinctive global school & for the same we all have to put up our best yield of thoughts & actions.

Gurukulians are constantly motivated to develop interpersonal skills and enhance their talents to equip them for global outlook of the world.

The curriculum is designed to sensitize them to current developments taking place worldwide educating them for the future, so that they can be versatile and are comfortably learning, communicating and collaborating with people all over the world.

Gurukul is just like a ‘Prism’ where a child enters like a beam of light and comes out matured with various abilities like the beautiful colours. The school journey is so designed that every child is groomed to be a leader with sorting mind and compassionate heart ready to take up challenges and win in the ever changing world order.

Let’s seek the height of success and glory to help us fulfill our dreams.

Gurpreet Mathur