Behavioral Management Strategies 2018-19-School Policy

Areas of Concern Action to be taken
Irregular Tardy(Unpunctual) Step I: Written warning.
Step II: Calling/Writing parents to make them share
Bunking classes & Unnecessary Movement Step I: Warning & intimation to parents.
Step II: Extra SUPW activity with class as a witness.
Step III: After school detention for 2 consecutive days.
Step IV: Suspension Punching Almanac.
Bullying Aggressive Behavior & Abusive Language

Step I: Written apology by the student, to be recorded.
Step II: Intimation to parents/discussion.
Step III: Detention during recess/after school Punching of Almanac.
Step IV: Fine Rs 500 onwards.

Cheating in the Examination
  • Paper will be cancelled irrespective of the cheating material & new sheet will be provided.
  • Changing seat after that.
Uniform/Hairstyling/Poor/Turn out Step I: Written warning & parents to sign.
Step II: To send the pic of the student to parent & to send back home.
Step III: If repeats fine Rs 50 to Rs 500 /Punching of Almanac.
Breakage of School property Fine as per the cost of damage / detention withdrawl of games / Library Period.
Defaulter at work Step I: Withdrawl of break / P.E. periods / recess etc.
Step II: Detention after school till work finishes.
Step III: Extra SUPW & Information to parents / Punching of Almanac.
Noise/misbehaviour with the teacher/fight outside / inside the school
  • Hands up outside the office.
  • Written apology.
  • Punching of Almanac
  • De-bar from any sort of Reward.
  • Written warming and parents to sign
  • SUPW activity as class as a witness.
Untidy classrooms/bag/uniform
  • To clean the class.
  • To wear sorry badge
  • Recorded in Almanac.
  • Information to Parents.
  • A positive school environment does not simply happen: teachers, parents and students need to work hard together to develop it. Therefore certain rules are necessary to make this possible. Together we can bring positive change.
  • If the child gets 10 to 15 marks for different areas of concern he will be suspended from school & may or may not be re-admitted after realizing time.
  • If the child gets more than 15 marks, will be rusticated without further notice.

Students Must and Must not

Be regular and punctual Use indecent language
Report in complete school turnout Bully others
Carry notebooks and assignments as per the timetable Damage school property
Help others Play or run in the class
Respect teachers through courteous language and conduct Run in the corridors
Use decent language Be late in reporting to class
All in the line when moving out of the class Be late in submission of work.
Switch off lights and fans when not in use, turn the taps off Bunk classes
Maintain school property Bring mobiles, valuables and heavy cash to school
Complete the school work and assignments on time Litter class or school
Carry school almanac daily Eat or drink during teaching periods
Keep pace with fellow friends/teachers in doing class work Carry or wear accessories to school (colored mufflers, warmers, goggles, colorful frames)
Be responsible for any work missed in class due to absence Get involved in arguments and fights(verbal or physical)
Return to class from PT/Library/Labs and other outdoor periods on time
We expect our students to take pride in their work, their appearance and what they have accomplished. They must develop self-discipline and show courtesy towards all people in the school and community. Our constant endeavor is to realize this dream.

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