Secondary & Sr. Secondary Curriculum

Students are taught following the syllabus provided by CBSE. NCERT books are followed. The text books recommended for study are value-based and carry no contentious element. Additional books and assignments are used by teachers to supplement teaching & learning. Various e-links are used by the teachers & students to unlearn, learn & re-learn. Students engage in survey & investigation; they perform practicals to learn. Talk-show, group-discussion, debate, quiz, declamation, PPTs are integral part of regular learning.


Yoga is the need of hour in the stressful environment of excelling. It is the method by which our mind can be made calm and composed. We learn to control ourselves & become free from distractions. Yoga not only teaches stillness of mind but focus too. We have competent & experienced yoga teacher to teach yoga during the yoga & club periods. Meditation/Dhyan is a regular practice followed in the school. Marshal art, the art of self-defense helps the students to channelize their energies, teaching them the art of concentration & by protecting periods of teaching the same have been allotted in the time-table.


There is regular system of assessment, be it class-tests, periodic and cycle tests or term tests. Assessments are conducted to make the students realise the mistakes they commit so that they may correct them, learn well and take challenges.