School Uniform

School uniform is an identity and a pride worn by all the students. All students wear uniform irrespective of any gender bias. They wear trousers, shirt black oxford shoes, tie & a belt on Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday. On other days i.e. Monday, Thursday & Saturday they wear track-suit Sometimes school’s uniform is worn as per the importance of the day. School uniform is available from RPS,  extension area within the school building.

Applying henna on hands, colouring the hair or styling is not at all allowed. Boys have to support crew cut hair/military cut & girls have to make two plaits & wear yellow thin satin ribbon whereas girls of XI & XII will make one plait. Uniform has to be worn as per schedule. It should be neat & clean & of proper fit Low waist or narrow fit trousers are strictly not allowed. Indiscipline in this area would be severely dealt with and will be punishable as fine or other punishments.

Carrying mobile phones to school is strictly disallowed. If mobile is found in possession of anyone, it will be impounded & bearer will be fined 3000 or more. School does not support students driving two wheelers & cars to school without license. In fact no illegal practice is supported by the school authorities for staff & students.

Core human values are practiced & followed. School’s motive is to exercise humane qualities as demonstrative measure to create sensitive, alert & responsible human beings who are prompt to respond.

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