Events 2020(6th to 12th)

February 13-02-20 Thursday HAWAN To invoke the blessings of the
goddess Saraswati, Hawan will be
22-02-20 Saturday Yoga & meditation Students will learn & practice yoga
asanas & will learn to meditate
28-02-20 Friday National Science Day Speech in morning assembly & each
class will make a model, still or
March 07-03-20 Saturday Creative writing Students will write on the given
subject (Hindi & English)
14-03-20 Saturday Learning to jump (high &
Students will learn about jumps &
practice it (Class IX-XII)
To practice obstacle & relay
Students will learn the tricks &
practice the events (Class VI-VIII)
28-03-20 Saturday y To understand what is
There will be speech in the morning
assembly and teachers will interact
with students through smart classes
to clear this concept
April 18-04-20 Saturday Investiture Ceremony Students will take oath for student
Activity Time: Inter House Comp.
25-04-20 Saturday Kho-Kho matches
(Inter-house) Sr. & Jr. Girls
Inter-House Girls matches for
Tug of war (Sr. & Jr. boys) Sr. & Jr. boys will pull to win (Housewise activity)
May 02-05-20 Saturday Puppet Making Craft activity
for focus & team building
Students will make theme based
puppets (Class VI-VIII)
Poetry writing on forests in
English & Hindi
Students will write poems on our
forests using poetic devices &
planning a msg, save forests save
our ecology. (Class IX-XII)
09-05-20 Saturday March Past activity Students will learn to March Past &
set a rhythm (Class IX-XII)
Rope skipping
(Single & Group)
Students will learn to skip rope to
learn body balancing (Class VI-VIII)
23-05-20 Saturday One day trip To Break the monotony & beat the
heat single day, trip will be planned
30-05-20 Saturday Quiz competition
(Inter House)
Quiz on science, maths & current
topics (Class VI-VIII)
Rangoli competition
Students will draw designs with saw
dust & dry colours on the given
theme (Class IX-XII)
June 13-06-20 Saturday Kho-Kho matches
(Inter-House) Sr. & Jr. boys
Matches will be played amongst
Learning to stitch hook &
button/ hemming
(SUPW activity for girls)
Girls will make 2 handkerchiefs after
learning hemming & will learn
associated activities
July 04-07-20 Saturday Quiz competition Quiz on science, maths, G.K. &
current topics (Class IX-XII)
Slogan writing & poster
making on five elements
Students will draw and write as per
their imagination on the given
theme (Class VI-VIII)
11-07-20 Saturday T.T. matches Jr. categories Students will play to excel as per
their category (Class VI-VIII)
Football matches – Sr. boys
Chess & Carrom – Sr. Girls
Inter-Class games as planned
18-07-20 Saturday PowerPoint presentation by
Atharva Veda & Rig Veda
The presentation will be given by
these students to elicit the origin,
value & application of these vedas.
(MPH-1: Class V-VIII)
(MPH-2: Class IX-XII)
25-07-20 Saturday PowerPoint presentation by
Sama Veda & Yajur Veda
The presentation will be given by
these students to elicit the origin,
value & application of these vedas.
(MPH-1: Class V-VIII)
(MPH-2: Class IX-XII)
August 01-08-20 Saturday Dance competition
Students will present their items in
the given theme
11-08-20 Tuesday Janmashtami celebration:
School activity with small
children’s involvement in
cultural presentations.
Class VI-VIII: Cultural
Class IX-XII: Matki-Phod & Jhanki
15-08-20 Saturday Independence day
Flag will be hoisted in the
school to mark the day
Presented by Class XI
Music Deptt.: Vocal & Instruments
S. St. Deptt.: Chaura Chauri
Movement play
September 05-09-20 Saturday Teachers’ Day celebrations Celebrations at school, followed by
teachers get together: Class XII
06-09-20 Sunday To mark the Savita memorial
day in the sweet &
everlasting memory of Smt.
Savita Garg
Blood Donation Camp
07-09-20 Monday Inter School drawing & painting
14-09-20 Monday Hindi Divas Celebration Class Activity: Presentation of Skits
on different theme values
(Class VI-VIII)
Morning Assembly (Class IX-XII)
वीर रस कववता वाचन
18-09-20 Friday Swachhta Pakwara Begins All Classes
19-09-20 Saturday Interhouse Basketball
matches: Sr. Boys & Girls
Students will play to excel for their
Houses (Class IX-XII)
Spell bee Competition Students will play word games for
vocabulary & Pronunciation
(Class VI-VIII)
26-09-20 Saturday English Debate Inter-House
Students will represent their House
for English debate
(Class IX-XII)
Decorating/ painting flower
pots with natural colours/
learning to plant rose
Students will learn to do these
things for their SUPW Pds. (Seva)
(Class VI-VIII)
October 02-10-20 Friday Gandhi Jayanti Swachhta Pakwara concludes
03-10-20 Saturday English Declamation Contest
Students will represent their House
(Class VI-VIII)
Cryptic cross-word puzzle
solving activity
Students will enrich their vocabulary
(Class IX-XII)
04-10-20 to
Sunday to
Long, short & local trips
(As planned)
Students will moveout for enriching
themselves through exposures
Celebration of Gandhi a
philosophy, road safety,
vigilance week
There will be speech, poster making
& enactment to sensitize the
17-10-20 Saturday Kabbadi Matches (InterHouse) Sr. boys & Sr. girls Students will play for their Houses
(Class IX-XII)
Quiz competition on
languages S.St. & G.K./
Current topics
Students will represent sent their
classes to play & win (Class VI-VIII)
24-10-20 Saturday Kabaddi matches for
Jr. boys & Jr. Girls
Students will represent their Houses
(Class VI-VIII)
Hindi Debate Competition Students will represent their Houses
(Class IX-XII)
November 05-11-20 Thursday Exhibition & Sports meet
There will be athletic events Classwise for sports day & Prizes will be
06-11-20 Friday Exhibition & Sports meet
07-11-20 Saturday Sports meet concludes
& 14th Prize distribution