PTM Schedule

Date Day Event

9TH March, 2019

2nd Saturday

Introductory PTM & PPM

11th May, 2019

13th July,2019

10th August, 2019

2nd Saturday

2nd Saturday

2nd Saturday

To discuss the Unit-Exams performance

To discuss about the result of 1st Term

Interactive meeting

5th October, 2019

1st Saturday

To discuss about the result of Unit-II Exam

9th November, 2019

2nd Saturday

Pre-exam (2nd Term) meeting

9th December, 2019


Nur to II Result Declaration

18th December, 2019


III to IX Result Declaration

12th February, 2020


X to XII Pre Board Result Declaration

PTM Timings: 9:00 am to 11:30 am on the mentioned dates.

Special Meetings

  • Parents may meet the teachers from 1 pm to 2 pm on working Saturday at reception; if the meeting has been pre­-fixed. So, parents are advised to book their prior appointment through reception.
  • Meetings are compulsory & unavoidable. Parents have to attend the same to share responsibility of their ward. Casual parents’ wards will not be allowed to sit in class if they do not respond to meetings.