Events 2020(Pre-Nur to II)

Month Date Day Activity Proceeding
20-02-20 Thursday Welcome Activities
(Pre-Nursery to II)
Students will assemble at MPH-2
24-02-20 to
to Friday
Aerobic and visual activities
(Pre-Nursery to K.G.)
Musical Aerobic exercises & watching
a story/rhyme attached with a value
Story narration (I & II) Vocabulary building, Calligraphy
Friday Celebration of Science day
(I & II)
Fun filled activities for concept making
March 06-03-20 Friday Celebrating spring- Yellow Day
(Pre-Nursery & Nursery)
Class Activity
Kite drawing & colouring
(K.G. & I)
Pasting colourful paper
Colouring with crayons
Story making on Spring
(Narration) (II)
Each child speaks a sentence to make a
07-03-20 Saturday Ground Activities
Enactment by teachers
(Pre-Nursery to II)
Music/ Dance/ Games/ Drawing
(Teachers lead them)
How to play safe Holi?
12-03-20 Thursday HAWAN
(Pre-Nursery to II)
Spiritual training to invoke blessings of
the goddess Saraswati
20-03-20 Friday Learning to make straight line
& obeying command
(Pre-Nursery to II)
Students will be taught to follow as
27-03-20 Friday ‘Sharing’
(Pre-Nursery to II)
Community Kitchen
(Eating & sharing food together)
April 03-04-20 Friday Learning to take pledge
(Pre-Nursery to II)
Students will be made to learn school
pledge with action
04-04-20 Saturday Grand Activity Day Picnic
09-04-20 Thursday Role Play
(Pre-Nursery & Nursery)
Dressing up as Himachali (Nati)
Role Play
(K.G. & I)
Dressing up as Punjabi
Boys (Bhangra) & Girls (Gidaa)
Enactments of the characters
Teacher will allot roles- Class II
Dressing up as Christ, Ambedkar,
Mahavir, Ram, Sita & Laxman
17-04-20 Friday Identifying & reciting poem
Teacher will play the poem & students
will recite & do action
Rhyme competition
(Nursery to II)
Teachers will exchange classes to
adjudge students reciting poems with
24-04-20 Friday Recognizing the alphabet
(Nur & K.G)
Teachers interchange the classes
Spellings (I) Teachers interchange the classes
Spellings-Board activity & drill
Sense Organs (II) Teachers interchange the classes
Showing sense organs followed by quiz
May 01-05-20 Friday Visit to Sanatan Dharam
Temple (Pre- Nursery to II)
Knowing about Abode of Worship
Card making & colouring
(I & II)- Class Activity
To celebrate May Day for helpers
02-05-20 Saturday Mother’s Day Celebration
(Pre-Nursery to II)
Activity with mothers
08-05-20 Friday Mother’s day celebration Class Activity with the help of the
15-05-20 Friday Craft activity origami (I & II) Teachers will teach the art of origami
in their respective classes
22-05-20 Friday Puzzle solving memory game
(K.G to II)
Will be done in respective sections
with another teacher
29-05-20 Friday Colours of life (Colour Theme)
Shapes: Triangle, Circle
Rectangle, Square
(Mixing & matching colors)
(Pre-Nursery to II)
Multiple colours
Red (Pre-Nursery)
Blue (Nursery)
Green (K.G)
Saffron/Red (I)
White & Yellow (II)
June 05-06-20 Friday Environment day celebration
Sensitization about trees &
water (Pre-Nursery to II)
Colouring/ Drawing & Craft Activity
Craft activity
Caption writing
06-06-20 Saturday Pool activity for enjoyment &
knowing the importance of
water (Pre-Nur to II)
Students will splash & have fun in
12-06-20 Friday Sand pit activity
(Pre-Nur to K.G.)
Learning to play in sand/soil
Importance of earth element
Story narration Competition
(I & II)
Students will express & narrate stories
July 03-07-20 Friday Reading with phonetic sounds
(Pre-Nursery & Nursery)
Students will read aloud the alphabet
& its sound & try to learn it
Reading with correct
pronunciation activity
(K.G. to II)
Teachers will conduct this activity in
their respective classes.
04-07-20 Saturday Fathers’ Day Celebration Grand Event with Fathers
10-07-20 Friday Board writing, Dodging
dictation (Nursery & K.G)
Teacher will call the child to write the
word/ alphabet
Spell bee (Check the spellings)
(I & II)
Learning & speaking
17-07-20 Friday Van Mahotsav Students will learn to plant in pots
24-07-20 Friday Ground activity, finding the
hanky (Per-Nur & Nursery)
Students will sit in circle & one child
will be a denner.
Balancing a book (K.G) Students will walk fast with book on
their head.
Tippi-Tippi Tap What Colour
You Want (I)
Time bound activity to search a
particular colour
Crossing the line with idea
Blind fold child will avoid placing foot
on the line
August 01-08-20 Saturday Grand Event – Group dance
activity (Bollywood style)
(Per-Nursery to II)
Coordination & synchronization
students will present a dance in a
07-08-20 Friday Competition: Clay activity
Theme fruits & vegetables
(Pre-Nur to K.G)
Animals- aquatic or land (I)
Students will mould clay to make
shapes & animals
Making hut/home & colouring
Students will shape & then colour
14-08-20 Friday Independence Day
(Pre-Nursery to II)
Students will learn to draw & colour
our national flag
September 04-09-20 Friday Teachers Day Activity
(Pre-Nursery to II)
Students will make bands/cards for
their teachers to mark teacher day
06-09-20 Sunday Talent Hunt activity Class-wise teachers will interchange.
Students will be called to show their
07-09-20 Monday To mark the Savita memorial
day in the sweet & everlasting
memory of Smt. Savita Garg
Blood Donation Camp
Inter School drawing & painting
11-09-20 Friday Nature walk
(Pre-Nursery to II)
Students will collect leaves & will talk
to plants, smell soil & share their
18-09-20 Friday Visit to cow shed
(Pre-Nursery to II)
Students will go to cow shed to be
familiar with milk animals & their
Visit to Mess
(Pre-Nursery to II)
To have idea of big kitchen & mass
25-09-20 Friday Tracking to Siddheshwari
Temple (Pre-Nursery to II)
Students will walk up to the temple to
enjoy beautiful scenic view
October 02-10-20 Friday Tying the button & laces
activity (Pre-Nursery to K.G.)
Students will learn to un-button/unlace & buttoning & tying laces (Shoes)
Cleanliness & dusting activity Students will learn the importance of
dusting/cleaning their benches/bags &
09-10-20 to
Friday to
Rehearsal for Annual Day
18-10-20 Sunday Annual Day Our eco system, our jungles, we are
the tigers
30-10-20 Friday Movie Motivational/ Educational Movie
November 06-11-20 Friday Picnic Students & teachers will go for outing
for relaxation & say good bye to the
07-11-20 Saturday Sports Day Students will be made to run race
obstacle & helping the buddy race,
December 02-12-20 Thursday Grand Parents Day Celebration with Grandparents

NOTE: –Besides this there will be on the spot activities like: – Pealing, jumping, best out of waste,
Group- projects, celebration of special days/ festivals etc., film festival for children.