From the Principal Desk

“Good work, like good talk or any other form of worthwhile human relationship depends upon being able to assume an extended shared world.”

Dear Parents,


It gives me immense pleasure to have joined the GURUKUL PARIVAAR that has firm faith in moral values and excellence. Discipline and integrity are the hallmarks of this institution.

When a child enters a school, he is an uncut diamond and it is the utmost priority of a school to polish him and to do so we at GISSS ensure to use the best educational tools through a highly qualified and trained staff. Hundred percent participation is what we believe in. If we are able to implant the seed of confidence at this tender age, the students will imbibe the ability to shape their destiny and surely scale great heights in life.
To motivate the slow learner, address the average and challenge the gifted is the focus of our school. Our teaching methodology is child centric and we continuously upgrade teaching tools and techniques as well as our academic programs. In a technology prevalent world today, we appeal to the young minds through up- gradation year after year because GISSS is a “Smart School for the Smart Generation”.

We truly understand that schools are no longer institutions to direct students only towards academic excellence. We also have to play the pivotal role in character building and personality development.  We have to explore the possibilities in every individual child, hone their skills and make them capable in pursuit of worthy goals in the service of the Nation and Humanity.

As a dynamic and progressive educational institution, we provide collaborative, cooperative and supportive environment to foster innovation as well as support teaching practices which are not only stimulating and conducive for learning but also ensure that our students grow up into autonomous individuals with deep rooted value system.

As we usher into the Academic Year 2022-23, I would take this opportunity to congratulate my Team – the teachers, all staff members, parents and above all the students for the commendable performance in every field despite the pandemic. Nothing and no one could deter the spirit of the Gurukul Parivar. The relentless effort and strong desire to excel has set the benchmark for the school and its students in their pursuit of Academic Excellence.

Dear Parents, you are requested to help us by underlining school expectations at home too. I urge you to be active in PTMs and extend a supporting hand with your valuable suggestions. Our partnership is essential for a unrelenting success. If my team and I can be of any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always available for the betterment of our dear students.

We are empowered by unwavering trust that parents have in our institution and in this knowledge lies our strength and inspiration.  

With warm regards and lots of blessings!

Luckhvinder Kaur